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We invest in Innovators, Risk-takers & Disruptors

Great Barn Ventures, a growth-led family office, led by a serial entrepreneur and Fortune 500 CEO, invests in and advises entrepreneurs that are focused on solving complex problems that address the needs of global companies. Our portfolio of investments focus on applying technology to the enterprise digital media, global logistics, energy exploration and commercial real estate industries. While our experience is predominantly in enterprise solutions, through our broad network and extensive technology resources, we are able to apply that knowledge to broad consumer based applications.

With a history of over thirty five successful corporate transactions, we provide seed funding for start-ups to follow-on growth capital for mature businesses. In addition to providing growth capital, we also advise management teams and boards on go-to-market strategy, leadership development, business plan authoring and product innovation/distribution.

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Find Out How We Help Our Portfolio Companies

We invite you to learn more about our advising services at Great Barn Ventures. With a range of experienced operators, our strategic services meet the needs of companies all shapes and sizes, from small firms to complex multinationals. Great Barn Ventures business improvement projects deliver time-tested, significant, and lasting changes with measurable growth.

Reaching a Deal


Early Seed to First Round

Looking to secure funding, but want to work with a partner that has a team of experienced operators? Great Barn Venures provides more than capital, we help build your team, drive your business and use our diverse network to take a concept to a company.



Chris Saridakis is a former CEO and serial entrepreneur that has successfully built and exited several global start-ups. Chris has developed deep industry relationships and continues to remain active within the media, technology and academic community.

Chris formed Great Barn Ventures, investing his own capital, with a single goal in mind; maximize returns by backing strong, passionate leaders willing to challenge status quo.

Working with leading venture capital, private equity and fellow family offices, Great Barn Ventures is actively investing and hiring management teams to help deploy capital and drive enterprise value.


Great Barn Ventures LLC
Montchanin, Delaware

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